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New single
"Gay Kids"
out now

We are thrilled to bring “Gay Kids” into the world. Recording a song and making a video costs thousands,
because people working in their craft should get paid.

As independent artists there were always many ways to recoup costs, but with Spotify you would have to stream this song 682 times to give an artist $3 for their art.


If you want to support me as an artist and help feed my babies, any donation would be welcome!

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to


We love LGBTQ folx of all ages. We love trans kids, gay kids, queer kids!
We love you and we are so proud of you!
Thank you for watching. 
Love, Rachel Kurtz


Thank you to everyone that was a part of this project, especially Kelley Larson and Holly Hansen. In the video and music, you caught my visual and then made it soar! 

Suggested Donation of $3


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